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Ready Hour Survival Shot - Emergency Food Supplement (30 day, 180 ct.)

30 Day Emergency Survival Food Nutritional Supplem... Moreent (180 count) This bottle contains a 30 day supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Survival Shot from Ready Hour is a "must" to add to any food storage plan. Power-packed with the key nutrients your body needs during a time of crisis, Survival Shot will help keep you running at your best! Because your body requires nutrients during an emergency, Survival Shot allows you to always make sure you are getting the nutrition your body needs, regardless of your food storage plan. These bullet-shaped chewable (and delicious) tablets can be taken with meals, by themselves, and may even be used as a daily-intake nutritional supplement. Great chocolate flavor! 10-year shelf life. Gluten free. Survival Shot - "When the going gets tough...bite the bullet." Less
Expires 01.03.2024
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